2019 March Horoscopes


If you know your rising sign (the sign on the ascendant at the time of your birth), read that description as well as your birth sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

As always, a broad analysis such as this is no substitute for a personal astrological consultation based your full birth data.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please email me, use my online scheduleror call me at 800.604.0299.


This month it’s good to explore the ways that you get in your own way or, as my mom would say, “Cut off your nose to spite your own face.” Do you hold views, habits, or have stories that get in your way and lead to patterns of self sabotage? Spend the month exploring that shadowy terrain.  Look at the beliefs you hold to be true that might be feeding insecurities that make you less effective or cause you to put the blame (or power) “out there” rather than within you. Think old. Think ancestral or family skeletons. Transcending those old stories transforms them into a kind of spiritual wisdom that helps not only you but others.



If confusion arises through friends or how to move forward with your goals and dreams, take that as a sign to pause and create a bit of space. Most likely, something needs to be released or seen anew: be it a person, an attitude or a situation. The answer, though, doesn’t lie outside of you but within you, so you need to do a bit of soul-searching. Do you give your power away to please or to get along with a friend? Make sure you’re seeing people and situations for what they are rather than what you hope they are. If confusion or miscommunication become a theme this month, hidden power dynamics might lie at the base.



If you find yourself off track or distracted from goals or at work this month, develop a touchstone that inspires you. March is a good time to find your “Why,” the motivation keeps you going when things feel less certain or clear. An aspiration that is bigger than personal gain can go a long way toward helping you keep the faith.  So can an accountability buddy. Who in your circle who check on your progress and keep you honest? (Side note: If you’re using relationships to distract you from your goals, check that pattern.)  Personal myths to bust might be along the lines of the saboteur or dilettante. 


Over time, you may have developed a few bad habits, fed by erroneous beliefs, about your duties and what it looks like to be a responsible person in the world.  Now is a good time to examine your rules and expectations around work, health, and your daily obligations.  Do you give yourself ample time each day to tap into your intuition, your dreams, your faith? If the answer is no, then you need to refill the well. As a rule of thumb, you actually need a little magic in your day to be at your best, to feel your best, and to give back to others. How can you reshape your day so you have time to feed your connection to the universe? 


To find your joy you must find your voice and express yourself creatively. The means by which you do this — the arts, business, intellectual pursuits, children/play, leadership — is secondary, but showing up authentically is mandatory. This month look at the ways you hold yourself back. What stories do you tell yourself that limit your expression? What secret fears prevent you from pursuing your heart’s desire? March provides you with a chance to gain a bit of psychological insight. Often to create more room for what we want, we have to let something go. Though, if it’s getting in your way of your joy, you never really needed it.


If you find yourself in the spirit of complaint or confused–especially in relationship to others–it’s time to do some soul-searching. Does something about the current situation echo an dynamic from early life? This month, the roots of interpersonal dynamics often lie in the past rather than the present moment. Look back with gentleness and a sense of genuine curiosity. Though it’s easy to focus “out there,” the real treasure lies inward.


March brings you the opportunity to rewrite the stories you tell yourself that create daily worry or anxiety.  Clues lie in what you avoid doing or evade in your day-to-day life. If there’s some work or task that you keep putting off, why is that? Or maybe it’s a routine you want to start–daily walks or drinking more water– but you keep pushing back the start date. Life’s little worries can act as a guide, revealing habitual mental patterns and misplaced beliefs. And once you have the thread of the story, you can rewrite it, realigning it to values and truths that better serve you.



 This year the goal is to shore up your finances and do what you must to get on track. This month, the tension may be the yearning for freedom and ease versus the truth of your bank statement. Make sure your creative ideas and your desires serve your bottom line rather than drain your account. For those of you who are parents, it’s a good month to examine how clearly you see your kids. From time-to-time, we need to adjust our focus to accommodate new-found maturity or acknowledge some truth or problem we’d rather not see. 


This year your focus should be on how to become the best version of you. March offers you the chance to recalibrate. If anything at home feels a bit soft or muddy–or maybe you noticed a few personal doubts cropping up–spend time examining it. Get to the roots of it. Whenever we seek ourselves, we need to listen to our most private dreams. Slowing down and tuning in this month means you will be more likely to grow in the right direction and for the right reasons. 


Listen to the conversation beneath the words. Innuendo and what isn’t being said can be more revealing than what is. More importantly, pay attention to the conversations you have with yourself. What aren’t you saying? Why? In what situations are you afraid to speak? Where do you feel misunderstood? If you find yourself in a miscommunication, dig deeper. Speech and thought this month can provide much grist for the mill. And your personal talk track can expose a host of unstated beliefs, fears and insecurities that subtly undermine you…but, once explored, become rich ground for new insights.


Money is as a powerful symbol, one that motivates some to great heights but also instills deep insecurities in many. This month, use your imagination to probe that tender place. What does “enough” look like? More crucially, what do you need to feel secure and self-sufficient, and what stories do you have about money and “enoughness”? Your dreams rely on your faith in yourself: that you have the resources–be they financial, emotional, spiritual or intellectual–to achieve your vision of what could be. Exploring your insecurity enables you to shore up your sense of inner and outer wealth.,


 Use March to explore the ways you define and represent yourself. In particular, look for distortions: ways you see yourself that aren’t wholly accurate or aren’t affirming. Think about archetypes or movie/book characters with whom you identify. What aspects of the archetype feel empowering and what aspects feel tight or limiting? Now think about how you want to contribute to the world, what you’d like to be known for. Spend the month redefining your superpowers so they encompass that vision.