• Sept 10-14 – ISAR Astrology Conference. Westminster, CO (outside Boulder). I’ll be giving two lectures and leading the Ethics Awareness Training. Don’t miss the big astrological event of 2020. ISAR knows how to throw a conference.


  • Aug 27 – The North Florida Astrological Association at the Cosmic Church of Truth, 1637 Hamilton Street, Jacksonville 32210. How to Find Purpose in the Chart.
  • June 30 – ISAR Star Club. I’ll be speaking on Mesopotamian Lunar Latitudes. Free to members and just $5.99 for non-members.
  • June 27 – Celestial Vibes Magazine. Ashwin Balaji Subrahmanyan and I will talk about setting consultation pricing on his podcast. Tune in!


  • Dec 8th – Gainesville Retreat Center, Gainesville FL. Tia Ma and myself — as Celeste-Qi — are hosting a day-long workshop that combines the gentle movement of Qigong and astrological insights to ground ourselves the winter solstice and embody its energies.
  • Oct 24th-25th – South Florida Astrological Association, Dania Beach FL. Cosmic Relationships: Grounding the Skies. A weekend workshop with the father of Composite Charts, John Townley, and myself speaking on relationship astrology.
  • May 24th – 29th – United Astrology Conference (UAC), Chicago IL. Come see yours truly at one of the world’s largest, most comprehensive astrology conferences. Your favorite authors and teachers from all over the world will be present and lecturing on just about every discipline and topic in astrology: Indian/Vedic, Hellenistic, Mesopotamian, Western psychological, Evolutionary, Medieval, spiritual and more. Yours truly will be giving two lectures. Drop in and say hello!


  • March 11th – 14th – Kepler Institut, Belgrade Serbia. Learn more on their website!
  • February 6th – 10th  – Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology Conference, Kolkata India.  You can find more information on their website.


  • November 6th – 11th – Astrology Restored: Bridging Epochs and Traditions – Shamballah Tea House and Holistic Center, Cape Town South Africa.
  • February 4th – 9th  – Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology Conference, Kolkata India – I’ll be speaking on Babylonian Moon Cycles.  You can find more information on their website.


  • October 22nd – 25th – SOTA 2014, Niagara Falls NY. For tapes visit the SOTA website.
  • September 23rd – 30th  – ISAR 2014: Stepping into the Circle, Phoenix AZ


  • May 24th through May 29th – United Astrological Conference, New Orleans LA – I’ll be speaking twice, once in the Fundamentals of Astrology track and again in the Specialties track.  You can find more information under the “Speakers” tab of the website.

UAC 2012 schedule


  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL – ISAR Symposium