2019 February Horoscopes


If you know your rising sign (the sign on the ascendant at the time of your birth), read that description as well as your birth sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

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Since 2011, you have shedding your old life, slaying the dragons of your fears and coming into a new sense of who you are. With Uranus hanging out in the last degree of your sign this month, you can burn off the last of the dross of your old self. Watch where you are reactive, especially between the 10th – 13th, as reactivity points to old defenses that have overstayed their welcome. Be brave and call upon your courage, but don’t lash out unthinkingly. February 17th – 23rd require a dispassionate, mature approach to money and to navigating relationships.


The cobwebs of the past might need pulled down this month. The fears and worries we shove away rather than face (and as a result, tend to run us) need confronted, reflected upon, and integrated. Consider it prep-work for the next seven to eight years. As a result you may need more quiet and less people this month. Make time to pull away from the busyness of the day and turn inward—journaling, dreamwork, spiritual contemplation all come to mind. What legacies of the deep past still color today’s behaviors?


This month requires you recommit yourself to your goals for the future. If laziness, avoidance, or distraction have sidetracked you from your long-range plans, use the last burst of Uranus in Aries to remind yourself of what is important and why it is important. The sparks of inspiration are there to help you recommit. The period between February 17th  – 23rd might provide clues to the psychological shift needed to become more effective, as well as what values and resources need to be brought into play to make your goals a reality.


Career and relationships—and how you show up in both—have been foci since 2011. Your growth centers on finding the freedom and fearlessness to pursue your goals within the context of very real duties and responsibilities. Both must be honored for you to flourish. This month pay attention to neurotic speed or busyness . How much of it is connected to a sense of duty or obligation to others and does it serve a purpose? If you discover you’re using other people to distract you from your dreams and your ability to shine, then use the days around the 17th-23rd to recalibrate.


Your truths and knowledge have grown exponentially over the past eight years and you are ready to share the personal wisdom you’ve cultivated. Be it spiritual, intellectual or emotional, your principles or framework for understanding the world have gone through a period of revolution and expansion. To carry your ideas forward, you must also revolutionize your habits. Do you have the routines, structure, and daily discipline to take it to the next level? Here is where the rubber hits the road.


This month represents a final burning off of mental/psychological refuse that you’ve been carrying with you for many years. Since 2011, your aim has been to release old conditioning and adopt positive approaches. By examining the ways you limit yourself via anxiety, perfectionism, judgement and/or fear, you’re far more able to access your creativity, sense of play and freedom. Speaking of creativity, look to the period around Feb 17-23 to root out old tendencies to turn play and exploration into work and duty. 


Since 2011 many of your relationships shifted, including people who exited your life for good. All of this laid the groundwork for new life and for new people to enter. The second week of February through the first week of March represent the completion of these new beginnings. Watch who enters or leaves during this period. Ultimately, you are looking to find home—be it spiritual, emotional or physical—and to put in place a lasting foundation for your life. The days around Feb 17-23 can bring pressure to finalize changes or do the last bit of uprooting.


 The past few years have been challenging, as duty and obligation butt heads against your desire to be free and unencumbered. The point of growth lies in your ability to see what duties are inevitable (working to feed and house ourselves) and which are self-imposed. True freedom, perhaps, lies elsewhere. Pay attention to the days around Feb 10-13, when the stress of our desire smacks into hard realities. Where does our thinking need to mature or a hard reset? Compare what you say you “must” do against the truth of what is genuinely necessary.  



For freedom-loving Sag, the past few years have been about how to break free from prior limitations and express oneself and one’s talents more fully. You’ve also been learning which risks work for you and which ones stick you out on a limb. Ultimately, those risks which destabilize you financially may be the ones that need a hard reset. The balancing act here is one of earning your living and feeling genuinely seen and heard. Ultimately, it’s easier to fly when you have the security of a soft landing (a nest egg) beneath you.


Your search for home—be it physical, emotional, or spiritual—enters a new phase this February and March. For several years now, you’ve been creating new foundations for yourself, and part of that process has been uprooting your past, or at least sifting through it. This house-clearing (and creating) should land you on terra firma, truly grounded for the next phase of your life. More centered in yourself, you’re positioned to step into greater creativity and self-expression. Yes, you have more personal work to do, but you should have a clearer sense of where you’re heading.


Sometimes the hardest shifts are shifts of mind, changing our normal mental talk and chatter. Yet over the past few years, whether consciously or through a more subtle process, your awareness reoriented. Maybe you noticed that focusing on what didn’t work wasn’t as effective as focusing on what does. Or maybe you noticed how your self-talk undermined you. At present, growth comes from aligning yourself to something rather than fighting against something. Particularly, aligning to the voice that says, “I can,” rather than the one that says, “I can’t.”


The past few years have been about anchoring your self-value within yourself. If you’ve been in relationships or jobs that didn’t honor your true worth, hopefully you’ve left them behind. February represents the last bit of integration for these new beginnings. Key lessons: releasing the need for outside approval and staying centered in your values, regardless of what happens around you. Your capacity to manifest your dreams—what is to come—depends on you believing in you and in your deservingness. Use the next five weeks to weed any remaining doubts from your garden.