2014 Year Ahead Forecast

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Here we are, at the start of a new calendar year and on our way through major changes globally and locally, personally and collectively. Heed the call to do the deep sorting and personal reorganization necessary to live a more free, playful, and authentic life.

We are midway through a sea of change, so let’s begin the year by focusing on what we want to create (rather than on what is lacking or what we want to avoid). Each of us should have some idea of where we wish to head and what we need to leave behind.  Use these goals and inspirations to navigate turbulent waters and stay on course. As you reach every decision, as you make every choice, hold your destination in the forefront of your mind. Like Odysseus returning to Ithaca, keep moving toward home – and surround yourself with shipmates who will aid you on the journey.

Have you set aside some time to express your gratitude? Often when we’re in the thick of change, we forget to appreciate the bounty before us. As you start 2014, take time to acknowledge you successes, the successes of those around you, and the basic goodness of life. Our gratitude heals us; it opens our hearts.

Below is one of my favorite prayers, one that always creates a swell of gratitude:

May all beings be happy, content, and fulfilled,
May all beings be healed and whole.
May they have everything they want and need.
May they be protected from harm and free from fear.
May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease.
May they be enlightened, liberated, and free.
May there be peace in this world and throughout the entire universe.

May it be so, this year and every year.


2014 Horoscopes

If you know your rising sign (the sign on the ascendant at the time of your birth), read that description as well as your birth sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

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Gemstones: Red coral, Carnelian, Diamond, Bloodstone

This year finds you feeling emboldened and continuing to free yourself from past limitations. Through July of 2014, encounters with others can be a source of conflict or of creative exchange. Other people act as catalysts, spurring innovation or providing the pushback necessary for you to define what it is you do want. Use the sparks for good, advocating for solutions that benefit the greatest number of people. Should you find yourself thwarted or frustrated by others, avoid reckless self-assertion. This year, collaboration – even if a bit contentious – gains you more than storming the gates alone.

Watch those in power around you. Do they operate transparently or pull strings behind the scenes? If they use underhanded means to gain influence, pay attention to the costs and impact of their actions on others. As you come into your own power, identify who wields power effectively and use those individuals as your models as you step into greater authority.

The months of April, June, October, and December bring challenges but also point to pivotal moments for growth. Here you have the opportunity to stretch, innovate and break through, especially in your career. And you may find yourself feeling far more competent, courageous, and alive than you previously thought possible. Continue, too, expanding your sense of home, which extends to feeling at home within yourself. As your foundations strengthen and deepen, you’ll find that you leave old ghosts behind and free up further energy for growth and personal redefinition.

By July, make room for more fun and creative play. Single Rams could find themselves in love, while those already in relationship may find their established partnerships flush with new life. Creative projects can also bloom, so make time to foster them.


Gemstones: Diamond, White Coral, Zircon, Emerald, Amber

Bulls continue to restructure relationships throughout 2014. The task is to weed out those people who don’t bring greater meaning and peace to your life while deepening your commitment to those in your life who support and love you. Part of this restructuring, of course, is tied to how you relate to others and what boundaries you wish to set. As you define how you wish to be supported, you attract situations that test and help you further refine what you need from others and where you need to stand up and provide what you need for yourself.

The months of April, June, October, and December can bring about encounters with the disadvantaged, the ill or suffering, or those seeking respite. If you’ve wanted to become involved in providing outreach to the disenfranchised in your community, 2014 is an ideal time to start.

Should you find these challenges falling closer to home – an ill loved one, a personal difficulty – call upon your spiritual truths. Our faith and personal belief systems provide succor when we are troubled, and help us transcend and find meaning in our situation. Your ability to give voice to what is meaningful to you can uplift others, too, so share your revelations and surround yourself with those foster your spiritual and visionary sides.

The first half of the year provides opportunities to change health and work routines, while midyear brings renewal and growth to home and family. Private dreams for yourself take hold. Being at home and with loved ones is a source of joy, so you may find yourself staying closer to home the second half of the year.

By year’s end, the hard work of focusing on your relationships and restructuring them, so they genuinely support you, nears its end. Those relationships that come through this period of testing and redefinition emerge stronger and deepened. They’re keepers.


Gemstones:  Emerald, Peridot, Jade, Sapphire

The past two years have opened up opportunities for you, Twins. If you’ve seized them, you may have landed a promotion or seen your income rise.  Your luck continues through July of 2014, so continue to push for the results you want. Stretch! The second half of the year you’ll find you’re positioned to communicate your ideas in creative ways that charm and inspire others.

Some of you may experience surprising shifts in your long-term goals and friends, especially during the pivotal months of April, June, October, and December. Use the tension to your advantage. Position yourself to break free of old patterns, fears, and anxieties that have held you back in the past.

Insights into your psychology, especially midyear, can unlock new goals and release energy to pursue new directions or interests long forgotten. This is particularly true creatively, where you can push into new terrain. Through July 2014, challenge yourself to innovate and try new things. Spend more time acting on your creative impulses and less time thinking about them.

Over the last year and a half you’ve been trying to restructure health and work routines. You have until the end of 2014 to make the final push to construct daily habits that support you. Take advantage of this period to truly take stock of how you use your time and how effective your daily schedule is. Is it the one you want? If you’re frittering away time that you’d rather be using for a trip to the gym or a meditation practice, focus your energies and put a new schedule in place. Habits begun this year can become lifelong, as you have the discipline available to make them stick.


Gemstones: Natural Pearl, Moonstone, Ruby

You may have found last year challenging, Crab. On one hand, new possibilities revealed themselves, and opportunities for personal growth and new starts came as well. On the other, the dizzying speed of activity and sheer rate of change may have left you feeling spent. And then there are the power dynamics underlying some of the critical relationships necessary to navigate the course you wish to follow. Given your need to accommodate others, the waters may be particularly treacherous. These themes—and the quickening pace—continue in 2014.

Spend the first half of the year reaching for what you want. Opportunities, lucky breaks, and positive connections are yours for the taking. People want to support you. The possibilities are endless as long as you show up and jump into the fray. By the year’s end, restructure your days to make room for creativity, play, romance and joy. The child in you needs to play, innovate and explore.

The real challenge is to know what limits to put in place. With so much activity in your career and relationships, you will have to consciously set aside time and establish boundaries for these soul-feeding pursuits.

Breakout months include April, June, October and December. Tensions rise then, especially in your career and relationships. Something needs to give, so make sure the things that you release are those you no longer want. Don’t hold onto old structures that are familiar but stultifying: jump into the outreached arms of the universe.


Gemstones: Ruby, Red Spinel, Rhodolite, Peridot, Golden Topaz

If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ve been actively minding your life’s foundations – home, family, property, your roots, your most private dreams – and you’ve been shoring them up for the past year and a half. New responsibilities in these areas may be demanding your attention and will continue to dominate through the end of the year. Continue to narrow your focus on what matters, and tie up old business, especially old family scripts that need rewritten.

All the hard work will pay off soon, starting in July, when a stabilized sense of self and your strengthened footing position you for a personal renaissance. Ideas and goals you’ve put on hold over the past year suddenly become viable possibilities. Some people might think opportunities, good luck and good timing simply fall in your lap in 2014 and 2015, but those closest to you know you’ve done much to prime the pump.

April and October are possible game-changers for you, especially for career and home life. In the first half of the year, your need to communicate is pressing. Your tongue tends to be sharp yet also more incisive and insightful. Position yourself to write, learn, teach, blog, interact with your community. Networking with others helps you connect ideas, and it reveals how odd threads of thought interplay. Give your mind free reign.

You’ve been building a private life the genuinely supports you. As the doors open and people welcome you, make sure they are the portals and people you want in your life. Invite in those possibilities, persons, and opportunities that reinforce and enhance the stability and clarity for which you’ve worked so hard.


Gemstones: Emerald, Peridot, Jade, Sapphire

This year you continue to free your self-expression and push for creative renewal. Pay attention, especially in April and October, to inhibitions you uncover: Where are you afraid to speak your mind? What old mental structures need to be torn down to allow for a more authentic, fuller articulation of your identity and creativity? Your progeny—be they children or creative projects—push you to feel more alive and access your playfulness. But also to lean into your discomfort, knock away the cobwebs, and take risks.

You may find more mystical, visionary or artistic types in your circles these days. Let them pique your inspiration and push your personal creativity and compassion to new heights. Should you find yourself seeing others through rose-colored glasses, pair adulation with a pinch of realism. Heroes will prove to be mere mortals, so don’t be surprised when they can’t measure up to your lofty ideals of them. On the other hand, if you approach them as muses and catalysts, you will gain much from these interactions.

As you flex your self-expression, you begin to release longstanding groups or involvements that no longer speak to you. Send them out with gratitude for what they’ve shown you. Grieve the transition but honor the completion. This internal restructuring simply makes room for new messages and deepening interests.

2014 asks you to write, study, teach, and share your gifts and services.  You have mastered much and have more to say than you ever dreamed. Pay attention to your need for spirit this year. The longings you feel? They are whispers of 2015, waiting to unfold.


Gemstones: Diamond, White Coral, Zircon, Opal, Peridot

You might be feeling a little feisty this year, especially through July of 2014, so make sure you use your passion for good. If you handle this energy surge with aplomb, you’ll find people in your corner. Mishandled, you’ll find yourself fighting with those in power, perhaps on the losing side, especially during the months of April, October and December.

Productive uses of your moxie? Doing something creative and worthwhile about the problems you see. Don’t personalize your battles by thinking X person is bad. Resist the lazy position of complaining about evils/wrongs. Kvetching and finger-pointing will only poison the well from which you drink. Benefit all by using your native insight and mediating skills to facilitate win-win solutions.

Taking control of your fiscal life will increase your sense of self-worth as well as your bank account, so use 2014 to create monetary structures that are practical and provide for you in the long-term. Self-sufficiency, building strong foundations, and clarifying material priorities should go on your to-do list for the year. For those less confident of their financial skills: take a money management course, talk to a financial advisor: educate yourself so you’re in charge of your financial destiny.

Continue your ongoing exploration into your past, your inherited patterns of behavior, and deeply buried emotional/mental material. As you dig, you will uncover ways in which old legacies unconsciously guide your choices and actions. Now is a time to make fundamental, structural changes to yourself and emerge stronger, more fully at home with yourself.


Gemstones: Red Coral, Carnelian, Citrine, Obsidian

Welcome to 2014: your final push to redefine yourself and gain clarity on how you wish to impact the world around you.  If you’ve been doing the hard work, you find yourself with greater authority and mastery, though perhaps less freedom as your life grows busier. Serious decisions abound, as do declarations. This year you state how your life will look going forward.

That said, there’s still work to be done in the background. It’s certainly a year where you must develop an it’s-up-to-me attitude. You may not feel you can push your agenda directly but must assert your will more subtly or strategically. If so, be patient and find constructive outlets for any pent-up frustrations, lest you find yourself in a constant low boil, especially the first half of the year. High-pressure periods include late April and late October.

In October, an old issue may reappear to be hashed out and brought to a new conclusion. Be open to overturning old, perhaps beloved ideas in order to usher in new life. Seeing another’s point-of-view or the need to take an opposing position could provide the impetus for this change.

Mid-year, your personal stocktaking, your capacity of transformation, and your hard work begin to pay off. Opportunities in career and public standing are the offshoot. Suddenly – or not so suddenly, given your efforts – you’re more visible in the world. Soak it in. This period of professional growth, goodwill and opportunity continues well into 2015, so ride the wave.


Gemstones: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby

Always a seeker and a person of strong personal values, as a Centaur you are scheduled for a deepening sense of spirit. While this change occurs, you may feel a bit unmoored. Home, family, the anchors in life may feel more transitory or unsettled. For some, this may be an actual dissolving of one’s foundations in life: you move and find yourself in unfamiliar waters, a parent dies, or your closest friend departs. For others, there may be a vague sense of not knowing what it is you want, a desire for something more and ennui with what is.

As the ground becomes less firm, you are pointed inward to examine your dreams and call upon what genuinely feeds you. Turn your sights to wherever you find solace, goodness, and the sense that life is larger, more rich, and more uplifting.  If you feel too unsettled, call upon practices that restore balance: meditation, yoga, prayer. Right now is a period when vertical awareness – of where you stand in the world and how you are connected to something larger – needs cultivation.

Restless Sagg, this isn’t about outward movement but inward shifts. As much as you love travel, stay put and adventure inward the first half of the year. Lay the groundwork for a whole new sense of home.

Also transforming are your relationship with money, your personal resources, and your values. It’s time to find your financial equilibrium – a balance between intake/outtake – so that you can grow wisely. If you’re feeling out of control, this year requires you to grab the reigns and pull them in. Gratitude is a key to your growth. Why not write down a few things that make you happy each week, stick them in a jar, and read them at the end of the month as an inventory of all your bounty?

Mid-year brings a renewal and restlessness. You’re on the brink of change and big decisions. Do the inner work required of you, and hold on for 2015.


Gemstones: Blue sapphire, Amethyst, Tanzanite, Garnet, Black Onyx

The past few years have brought a lot of change, sometimes more than feels manageable. Remain present and trust the process. Metamorphosis takes time, and phoenixes need fire to arise from the ashes. Give yourself all the space, creative imagination, and gentleness needed. Growth can be messy—and exciting.

Benefit comes through interacting with others, so resist the inclination hole up and go it alone, especially the first half of the year.  You may find communication more challenging this years and your thinking less defined. Pair your intellect with your intuition: to communicate most effectively, call on your inner poet this year. When words and reasons start to fail you, employ pictures, paint possibilities, use the language of dreams and symbols. If you tap into your feelings and aspirations, the flow of words will follow.

Your goals may require more effort than you previously thought, and you may find you need a clearer strategy or to refine your long-term plans to build the life you want. Don’t shirk responsibility, as it will help you fine tune your life’s priorities and gain clarity about your direction. You may find yourself reviewing the friends and groups in your life to ensure they support your new identity. You’re looking for others with fresh perspectives and who share your need to grow.

The high-wire months of April, June, October, and December can be especially challenging.  Sudden disputes or upsets at home or at work can threaten to upturn your focus, so call upon your famous discipline and objectivity to avoid missteps. Later in the year, joint finances improve and money from others is a possibility. Just make sure you don’t take on more debt than you want, as easy access to money today doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay it back later.


Gemstones: Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Tanzanite, Moss Agate

It’s time to take the lead, Waterbearers. Use your innovation and perception to engineer a destiny worthy of your talents. In 2014, success comes through hard work and self-mastery, not idealism. Make your efforts count. If you’ve been disciplined, 2014 brings rewards, though perhaps less freedom as your duties increase. Failures occur when you don’t apply yourself or you try to maintain aspects of your life that aren’t a genuine self-reflection. Cut your losses and appreciate the experience you’ve gained along the way.

The high-octane months of April, June, October and December may bring surprises that challenge your thinking or rub your values the wrong way. Avoid becoming reactionary and entrenching a position. Instead, use your detachment and your inner contrarian to see if you can break free of past conditioning or fixed codes of conduct that limit you. Seize the opportunity to see things afresh: reach for an epiphany that realigns your world in new and exciting ways.

The second half of the year brings dynamic people into your life whose creativity and energy revitalize you. Opportunities come in the guise of people, so circulate and expand your circle. Find your band of likeminded movers and shakers who appreciate your zany, brilliant turns of mind.

Speculative financial risks aren’t the best route for you at present. Your existing relationship to money is beginning to dissolve, and your new relationship to it hasn’t yet reconstituted. Use this time to dream and come up with ideas rather than set them in motion. When in doubt, use a discerning friend as your sounding board for financial decisions.


Gemstones: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Aquamarine, Rock Crystal

You shine when you call upon your compassion and dream large, not just for yourself but for all of us. This year presents opportunities to share your vision. Part of this is talking about what inspires you, but mostly it’s about walking your talk. Be the person who uplifts those around you; be generous with your ideals and aspirations.  You want to live the dream? Well, live it, don’t just dream it.

Cut loose any deadwood, especially the first half of the year. Any situation what limits your self-expression, your fullness of life, should be pruned. Endings that free you for new adventures are more likely in April, June, October and December. You may need to reinvent your finances or restructure debt to go after a goal. Be inventive.

New job opportunities present themselves the second half of the year. Ask for that promotion or raise you want. Also take advantage of the momentum to create the kind of day-to-day routines that support you. If you’ve put off making changes to your diet or initiating an exercise regiment, come July you’ll find such efforts get easier and a lot more fun. One caution: watch the tendency to overschedule and spread yourself thin. You want a daily routine that is sustainable, not a recipe for burnout.

Let your dreams guide you in 2014. Take them seriously and be willing to work hard to transform your current life into its next version/generation. Your personal beliefs and philosophies may need restructured in the process. Inner truths need to align to outer realities so they can be applied in the real world and better support the life you are building.


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