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Astrology is an invaluable tool for self-awareness, growth, and personal timing, and I am committed to providing my services at affordable rates. To that end, I developed a sliding scale payment structure; below represent suggested ranges for a sampling of my services. Please pay what you can genuinely afford. If my fees remain outside your budget, please email me. Depending on my schedule and the situation I may be able to help. On average, sessions run between 60- to 90-minutes.



In a natal consultation, we take a comprehensive and in-depth look at your native abilities and potential, as well as your “to do” list, areas in your life prime for growth. We explore the shape of your life in terms of your personal development and timing, the influence of the past, and the singular talents you are meant to cultivate. Pressing concerns and any upcoming influences will also be addressed.

THE YEAR AHEAD $75 – $150

All of us have experienced the wisdom of hindsight, moments when we realize that a heartache blossomed into a blessing or a door closed became a window of opportunity. One of astrology’s primary benefits is its capacity to teach us to work with time rather than against it. A yearly forecast is ideal if you’ve had a natal consultation in the past and want to focus on upcoming trends and to fall in step with the natural rhythm of your life.


In relationships, we bring our individual strengths and weaknesses to the partnership, but we also develop an identity as a couple which is synergistic and unique. Sometimes the interplay is organic and effortless, and at other times tempestuous. In compatibility consultations, we explore your individual needs and relating styles as well as the way you move through the world as a couple, with the aim of fostering greater understanding and awareness in the partnership. (Two hour session)


Within every individual are myths, archetypal stories which describe fundamental truths about one’s life. During this session, we use asteroids, fixed stars, and other techniques to explore the myths tied your life, the gifts they bestow, as well as any challenges they may present. In the process we will connect you to your personal destiny and deepen your understanding of your place in the world around you.


Each of us wants to feel we contribute something of value and meaning to the world. One of the fundamental strengths of astrology is its ability to connect us with our unique purpose in life. Whether you are thinking of changing career, choosing a college major, or simply want a clearer sense of life direction, this consultation aims to anchor you in your core mission and nurture your fundamental sense of self.


  • Node analysis: a look at your greatest talents and your Achilles’ heel and how to bring them into balance.
  • Date selection for significant events. Please contact me to discuss the scope of the work and I can give you an estimate of the time involved.
  • Relocation: great places to live, vacation, or visit. Please contact me to discuss the scope of the work and I can give you an estimate of the time involved.
  • Private tutoring and lessons