Calling On My Peeps!

Those of you who have been reading me or using my services know that I’ve been straddling two worlds for awhile: working as an astrologer while keeping a foot in the business world for health benefits and the like. Well, I’ve let go of the safety net and I’m doing astrology full-time. I could use your help.

I limited my practice to word-of-mouth in the past because I had as much business as I could handle. Now I would like to build my online presence and let more people know I’m around.

If you’ve used my services before and found them beneficial, please consider writing a review for me. Self-promotion has never been one of my strong suits so I need a little help from my friends!

If you use gmail, you can write a review (or just give me some stars!) on Google places.

If you use Yelp, you can review me here.

Or if you’re limited to Facebook, review me there!

Thank you sooooo much!

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