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If you know your rising sign (the sign on the ascendant at the time of your birth), read that description as well as your birth sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

As always, a broad analysis such as this is no substitute for a personal astrological consultation based your full birth data.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please email me, use my online scheduleror call me at 800.604.0299.


Where you’re growing: 2019 offers you the chance to grow philosophically, develop a coherent belief system that genuinely supports you, and broaden your understanding of the world. For some this might mean travel or further education. For others it may mean encounters with people from different walks of life or cultures that enrich your thinking. Old ways of seeing the world expand to encompass new experiences, and knowledge gained over the year breaks through barriers of old prejudices and beliefs.  For some it could mean finding a spiritual home or teacher and the desire to be of greater service. The aim is to remain utterly open and curious, to absorb as much knowledge as the world has to offer.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: You’ll be examining how you make a living, your personal worth and your personal values. Your personal resources include finances, but also emotional, intellectual, and spiritual gifts. Whether you are valued by those around you can play a role in these evaluations. It’s a great time to go through your things and ensure they bring you joy and reflect who you are; otherwise it’s just, well, stuff. Values can change as new information is integrated and understood. If you feel encumbered by your material possessions, you could find yourself with less but feeling more free. If you need more resources to grow, Uranus can bring them. If how earn your living is deadening or your contributions aren’t valued (or adequately recompensed), you may change jobs. 

Where you’re restructuring:  Career, life-goals, and overall direction need restructuring. With Saturn-Pluto in this area of life, you’re busy and bringing things to culmination or closure. It can be a period of visible successes (if you’ve done the hard work) or failures (if you skipped steps). Either way, you have a pretty clear sense of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. You can see what you’ve done right and what you’ve missed. The question often becomes whether or not you want to continue on this path or not. If you do, what changes need to be made so that it will continue to be fruitful? If not, what needs released and transformed? How much of your ideas about success and failure is shaped by others (your family, your culture) rather than yourself? 


Where you’re growing: 2019 offers you the chance to develop a greater sense of psychological buoyancy and optimism. You’re coming out of a period of psychological stress and gaining greater insight into the mental patterns that operate in your life. As a result you’re healing and feeling more positive. People will tend to be more willing help you and lend a hand, even financially, so reach out. The aim is to deepen your understanding of yourself, as that understanding leads to healing, self-awareness, and renewed optimism. As they say, growth is an inside job. Look within.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: Your health, vitality, self-definition and personal image are due for an overhaul. Occasionally this can indicate health problems. More often, it’s time to drop a few pounds, adopt new health regimes, or update your look or wardrobe. Your appearance can change but so can your attitude, as you become less willing to modify who you are to make others comfortable. Let your freak flag fly.

Where you’re restructuring: One’s spiritual life, moral/ethical systems, or overall perspective need restructuring. This deep transformational process has been unfolding since 2008 and aims to give shape to a belief system that is organic and grounded in principles that feel comfortable to you. Moral frameworks that don’t serve you or originate in someone’s else’s notion of reality need to be regenerated so they genuinely nurture and ground you. A growing awareness that one’s thoughts and frameworks shape perception arises, and from that a desire to examine one’s beliefs. Outdated beliefs that inhibit or stem from old family or cultural overlays can be released this year. To figure out where to begin, identify which beliefs are shaped by fear or based in defensiveness. 


Where you’re growing: Circulate this year, as benefit comes through others, as does wisdom. As you encounter others and engage with them, a bit of magic can happen. They know the very person you’re interested in contacting and will make the introduction for you. Or they think you’d be perfect for this job they heard about it. Relationships of all sorts should improve or act as springboards for growth and opportunity.  Your aim is to expand your consciousness, opportunities and sense of possibility one encounter at a time. Take advantage of the momentum.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years:  Make your focus the anxieties, fears, guilt, worries, and shame that make your life smaller than it needs to be. Ask yourself where avoidance, escapism or a refusal to look at the places that scare you continue to undermine you. With a little work, you can break through previously hidden material and fuel your ability to live more fully and happily. Resisting engagement means these patterns can rear their heads at inopportune moments and force you to deal with them.

Where you’re restructuring:  Your psychological wiring and personal understanding of loss, death and endings are being restructured. Occasionally this shift occurs because actual losses, deaths or health scares trigger deep personal inquiry and the need to change priorities. More often it’s triggered by existential questioning, a sense that time is finite and you need to get on with what is important before it’s too late. A good practical exercise this year would be to get your end-of-life paperwork in order: a will, health surrogates, living will, power of attorney. Tackling one’s debts is also a positive activity. Psychologically, this period can help you identify and address old mental material that causes suffering. As such, therapy of all sorts prove beneficial. Psychological rebirth is your mandate.


Where you’re growing: This year brings greater opportunities for work that helps your talents increase and supports your growth. Work can be quite fulfilling, though busy, and requires you meet your obligations, so be selective on the front end (rather than overcommitted on the back end). You’re more likely to be “in the zone” with your work this year, and your efforts now lay the groundwork for future advancements, so keep at it. Lastly, Jupiter here is supportive for your health, though maybe not your waistline. Your aim this year is to seek work possibilities that allow you to stretch, explore your gifts, and increase your confidence.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: For you, this period can point to the entrance of new friends, subcultures, or groups of likeminded others that awaken you to new possibilities (or, perhaps, upset your old notions). Also up for discussion: your plans and dreams for the future. Have you reviewed them in awhile or are you still working from old assumptions? If you’ve latched onto one lens to view your life, don’t be surprised if new possibilities present themselves. The questions “Why?” and “Why not?” may become steadfast companions. Radical new goals may arrive seemingly from nowhere, or you may discover that old dreams have become stale and need to be reinvented—re-invisioned—to reignite your excitement and encompass the person you are today. In short, sometimes what we think we want changes.

Where you’re restructuring: Relationships are the arena due for restructuring. It’s through the dance of intimacy and through interacting with others that one matures or learns the realities of life. Relationships can be a source of great obligation during this period, and those that aren’t worth the effort can fall apart. Relationships that enter during this time often play a significant role, especially professionally, over the next 14 years. We may reassess our relationships, examining how we show up in them, where we fall short, and what is required of us to master the give-and-take of partnering with others.


Where you’re growing: Even if you’re working hard, life can feel a lot more fun this year. You can find the courage to be yourself without apology and express yourself more freely. Creatively and romantically, this year is a boon, so make time for both. You feel less inhibited, more at home in your own skin, and that shines into the world as confidence that others find irresistible. Your aim? Increased self-assurance, play, and authentic self-expression that create more joy in your life.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: It’s time to shake things up in your career. Has it become routine? What innovations are you yearning to bring in? Or is it time to take actual first steps toward the second career you’ve been pondering? Over next few years, you will reinvent who you are in some visible way. This may be in your career or it could be your reputation, but we play many public roles: father/mother, single person/partnered person, career person/unemployed person, volunteer, etc. Now is not the time for the status quo. If you like the shape of your life and your career, embrace new technologies, learn new skills, develop different approaches, and try on new hats. If you’re in a job or role that feels confining or doesn’t bring joy, don’t be complacent. Make a change and reinvigorate your life.

Where you’re restructuring: Here the focus is on day-to-day routines that create a sense of order, promote a healthy lifestyle and increase productivity. It’s also time to look at one’s skills, considering whether they need any boning up or fine-tuning to position oneself for greater advancement. This period often is one of hard work, responsibilities, and paying one’s dues. Finish up or complete projects currently engaged in, as mid-2020 marks a transition into greater visibility that might have had its beginnings around 2005-2006. The present is a time for positioning oneself for future achievement.


Where you’re growing in 2019: Inner peace and security can be fostered this year with Jupiter’s healing presence touching the cornerstone of life: home, family, your personal life and your inner life. You may find a desire to make your home feel more expansive or adding a missing element you’ve always wanted. Domestic life should lighten and old problems seem to resolve with less effort than in the past, in part because you are more generous and open and others respond in kind. Establishing a foundation to make home and inner life more secure can be a leading aspiration. Your aim this year is to create the inner security necessary to face and handle whatever life throws at you. 

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: It’s time to review points of reference, frameworks of understanding and beliefs. Are you holding onto “truths” that have become rigid, limiting or perhaps you’ve swallowed whole without real questioning? Your truths can be as formal as religious beliefs or as informal as your personal lens. Now will be the period for questioning. Do your beliefs encourage healthy connection to others? Do they allow you to be effective in the world? Do they provide solace when things are difficult? If your frameworks for understanding the world box you in, expect shocks and surprises that crack things open and let in the light. Your task is to be as open-minded, curious, and experimental as you can imagine being—and then push yourself to explore even further. Embrace innovation and invention rather than clinging to what you think you “know.” 

Where you’re restructuring: For Virgos with children, this can be a period when one’s parenting style needs reviewed or when parenting becomes a heavier responsibility. The pressure is on to create a life that brings joy and allows for authentic self-expression. The need to feel personally fulfilled and happy—however defined (love relationship, creative projects, more daily fun and play)—becomes the organizing principle for assessing life. What needs to be released or restructured to allow more vitality and joy into your life? What feeds your soul?  Your mandate is restructuring life to foster greater self-expression as well as identifying obstacles to personal joy so you can begin to unknot them.


Where you’re growing in 2019: Gain and growth come through networking, conversation and circulating in the community. The exchange of ideas with others can introduce you to new fields of study and interests you want to pursue. Your tendency will be to be more tolerant and accepting of others and their differences. As a result, the world will be more open and accepting of you. As a rule, it’s a good time to do long-term planning, as you have more vision than usual. Just make sure you bounce it off of others who can rein in your more exuberant ideas. Don’t overcommit yourself either. Your aim is engaging in open discussion about all aspects of life, connecting with your community and seeking new ways to see and understand your life.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: On a mundane level, it’s a good time to examine your debt, loans, and joint money and investments. Do you need new habits in this area? Do you need to pay down debt? If so, talk to a reputable credit specialist. Change it up! Review insurance coverage, power of attorney, wills, inheritances, living wills to ensure the information is up-to-date, has the right beneficiaries, etc. Or if you don’t have this paperwork in place, now’s a fabulous time to start. On a personal level, sudden insight into your psychology, your secrets, or inner suffering can lead to renewal. So if you’ve been struggling with, say, anxiety or old emotional pain, counseling can be particularly effective, as you’re more likely to break free of old material. Lastly, the next seven years can be a period of closings, endings, and deaths of all kinds. Occasionally people and situations leave our life suddenly: a friend moves away, a relationship breaks, someone dies. As painful as these events can be, even absences can create space for something new to come into being.

Where you’re restructuring: Libra people need to shore up their foundations: be they physical, like attending to home or family, or 
psychological, such as really getting anchored and feeling “at home” within oneself. Domestic and inner life requires attention, which can mean reorganizing one’s domestic life or a total restructuring of one’s personal relationships. What does a secure and stable home life look like to you? What is it you need to feel genuinely grounded and emotionally secure? Home repairs or buying a home fall here, as does sifting through the past to see how one’s early influences impact one’s sense of peace and security now. This period can be a fruitful time for therapy, as problems ignored now affect the foundation that supports professional achievements later. 


Where you’re growing in 2019: This year can bring an increase in income, but also a growing sense of your own worth and value. It’s a good year to expand whatever you value in life, so that it takes up more real estate in your life. Walking your talk is also an important activity. Be careful that the additional money coming in doesn’t waltz out just as easily. Jupiter’s famous optimism can work to your disfavor this way. Commit to reining in a tendency towards self-indulgence and only acquiring what genuinely delights you and aligns to your values.  This way you grow a genuine sense of abundance, one that is derived from all your resources, be they emotional, material, intellectual, or spiritual.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: How you relate to others is due to be revolutionized, so relationships, audiences, frenemies—the people in your life—become wild cards. Expect other people to be a little less reliable or predictable. Maybe they bring in new energy and life, shaking up things with new ideas and a bit of excitement. Or maybe you just don’t know what to expect from a certain someone and find yourself in an on-again/off-again relationship, which is terribly exciting but not very stable. Often what happens is we attract what we really want/need, though we don’t see it that way. For instance, because we need space, freedom, and excitement, we attract people who give us exactly that. Be aware that you need to do your own thing right now, and that means having a bit more autonomy and individual control.

Where you’re restructuring: You’re beginning a period in which your style of communication and your mental habits and attitudes are up for rewiring. What are the stories you tell yourself? Are they helpful or do they limit who you can be and the opportunities you allow yourself? Are there aspects of your communication that stem from your early environment but don’t serve you as an adult? (We’ve all experienced those moments when we hear a parent’s words escaping from our lips, right?) Now is the time to take more responsibility for what comes out of your mouth and the unexamined dialogs running in your mind. You may find yourself wanting to learn something, to gather information on a subject or interest. A shift of focus or a need to refocus can be a theme, as can our siblings, neighbors or local community. But the real gold lies in transforming how you think and uprooting your habitual way of seeing the world.


Where you’re growing in 2019: Put yourself on a one-year personal improvement plan. Don’t focus on other people, how they need to grow or change. Instead put the spotlight on the ways you can become the best you. This year, if you make the effort, you can impact your health, your confidence, your sense of identity and how you present yourself. For instance, if you’ve wanted to shed those last 10 pounds you added during the last pregnancy, now’s the time. How about other ways you define yourself? Does your Facebook profile genuinely reflect who you are or want to be? You are in the driver’s seat. Decide how you need to grow and stretch; then focus on learning and gaining new skills that build your confidence and faith in yourself.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: The day-to-day structures of your life are due for an update, especially if they feel oppressive. Up for review are your health habits, work environment, and daily routines. The challenge is to adopt new habits that free you. Get conscious about what you are required to do (go to work, pay bills, eat) and what you have taken on out of a misguided sense of duty or out of habit, e.g., your adult child’s laundry. Offload some of those responsibilities or get innovative. What technologies can help simplify your daily schedule? What you don’t want to do is ignore building tensions that then wreck havoc on your body. Instead, revolutionize your work, your attitude toward duty, and your daily obligations. If your work environment is toxic, change departments or start looking for a new job. (As this influence started last year, maybe you’ve recently changed jobs.) More positively, this period could usher in innovative coworkers who breathe new life into the department. Perhaps that person could even be you!  

Where you’re restructuring: 2016-2017 probably demanded you redefine yourself in some way, which then brought up questions about how to live a purposeful and meaningful life.  Now you’ve entered a period in which you have to really get serious about your finances and stabilize your economic life. You may need to reprioritize spending or reevaluate if your work path will provide a secure future. Sometimes issues of self-worth and self-value come into play: Am I underpaid; can I ask for a raise? Am I valued for my contribution? Often we are conserving our resources and taking stock of what is genuinely meaningful so we can structure life according to what we value. Here’s the thing: no one can do this for you. You have to start building your financial security brick-by-brick. No skipping steps.


Where you’re growing in 2019: Explore spiritual and religious aspects of life act as fertilizer for personal growth. Because ego demands are quieter, you can face the shadowy aspects of yourself less critically, with more compassion and wisdom. In turn, this allows you to heal aspects of yourself you may have rejected at other times. Compassion and empathy come more readily for others, too. You’re more apt to find teachers, healers and spiritual guides who can genuinely benefit you this year. The goal is to turn inwards, spend a little time in contemplation, and shine a bit of light on hidden aspects of yourself.  In doing so, lasting healing can occur.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: If you have children, the next seven years can speak to a time when they need greater independence, become a bit rebellious or a source of surprise. You, too, will be striving for greater personal freedom. If your life has been centered too exclusively on work, you may need to reconnect with play and recreation. For those involved in creative pursuits—be they intellectual, artistic or entrepreneurial—breakthroughs and innovations are possible. Friendships and romances can bring in excitement and help break down old patterns of interaction, though these relationships may not always be lasting. Sometimes the thrill of surprise and instability is just what is needed to shake us out of our complacency. This period is about redefining yourself, your self-expression and your approach to life.

Where you’re restructuring:  2017-2020 signifies the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. This period might fall on the heels of a time of loss or separation. You must make some major decisions about who you are, who you want to be, and declare yourself.  To do so may require releasing old self-definitions, especially in terms of your personal and professional identity, so you can focus what you wish to cultivate. Shed your skin. Through 2020, you’re in a period of personal development, so identify and clarify your personal priorities. Don’t shirk from the responsibility. It may mean less freedom in the interim, but it will mean more mastery in the long-run. The person you want to become is in the wings, only you can bring her/him into the light.


Where you’re growing in 2019: Friends and group activities can bring benefit this year, so make time for others despite competing needs for solitude. Being with people, working with groups, and engaging with organizations all provide opportunities for you to learn about yourself. But it’s an exchange: others will also learn from you. In 2019, giving back to the group benefits you far more than pursuing individual goals. That said, your individual dreams for the future can expand, as cross-pollination allows new possibilities to take shape. 

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: Uranus, for you, points to changes with home, family and the foundations of life. Most of us want the most personal and intimate areas of our life to be reliable and unchanging, so we find these sorts of deviations to be upsetting and destabilizing. For those of us with aging parents, crises and surprises can arrive via them. Home repairs, moves, and relocations are possibilities. Family tensions surface and must be addressed; difficult relationship can fall apart. The most personal and intimate aspects of life must be revitalized. Ultimately these changes lead to a release from the past and a new sense of freedom, a fresh start. Individually, this period can be a psychic house cleaning, as outer changes reflect inner needs. If you’re not “at home” within yourself—your most private, deep self—be willing to rebel: uproot the past and reclaim your true nature.

Where you are restructuring: 2017-2020 points to a period of inner contemplation and withdrawal from the outer world. Sometimes there’s a book or a project that requires quiet blocks of time to complete. Other times it’s the need for spiritual retreat, study and meditation. In any case, this period points to an internal focus, a gestation. You may feel stuck, restless, or a niggling dissatisfaction, like things have lost their shine. All of these states act to spur you inward. Or you could feel like everything has to change but have no idea where to begin. Just observe. Finish up old project, tie up loose ends, make space. You’re laying the groundwork for the shift to come in 2020. 


Where you’re growing in 2019: Career and public life can be a hotspot for growth, as long as you avoid a few pitfalls. One, don’t become overbearing or toot one’s own horn too much. And, two, don’t promise more than you can deliver. If you sidestep those two caveats, Jupiter in your career sector can bring recognition, promotions and a more visible profile—and greater confidence in your abilities. With all the invitations and opportunities coming your way, FOMO (fear of missing out) can be a problem. Just remember, if you say yes to everything, then you risk becoming ineffective because you’re spread too thin. A touch of selectiveness will help you make the most of your choices. In 2019 aim to allow yourself to shine in public and pursue greater achievement.

Where you’re shaking things up over the next 7 years: Everyday encounters with neighbors, relatives, siblings, and friends can be a source of change, inspiration and excitement—or a place of shock and surprise. Ideally, these interactions will force you to see the world anew and reassess your ideas and unexamined (or codified) assumptions. Intellectual pursuits and independent learning can be a pathway to renewal and opening, so let curiosity be your master. Information seems to be coming at you from all directions and, as a result, the pace of life seems to quicken. (Sometimes we need a deluge to overwhelm our normal defenses.) Your methods of processing information are being rewired: habitual or limiting thinking is due for a complete overhaul. Lean into it. Remaining open and adaptable—good Piscean qualities—will be helpful. 

Where you are restructuring: You may find yourself taking stock of the friendships and groups in which you’re involved. Are they still a good fit and deserving of your time? People and groups that don’t align with your ideals and vision for the future may fall by the wayside to make room for those that do. Conversely, those who do measure up may become a source of greater responsibility. If so, accept it with maturity and grace. Your long-term goals are also up for reevaluation. Activities you used to enjoy may lose their appeal, and as a result your goals begin to shift. Or you may come to the conclusion that the infeasibility of reaching your target requires you to relinquish some cherished hope for a more realistic one. In either case, the future you envisioned for yourself transforms, along with the some of the people along for the journey.

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