2018 April – Key Dates

  • April 1 Sun conj Mercury 11 Aries / April 2 Mars conj Saturn 8 Cap / April 4 Mercury square Mars (9 Aries/Cap) / April 5 Mercury squ Saturn (9 Aries/Cap)  – The first five days of April, we need to watch our minds and our words. We are fiery and sometimes frustrated. We can gain clarity during these days, gaining much needed insight, or we can be short-fused and irritable — usually a combination of both. Through April 5th, our minds are sharp, but our words can also cut. Minding our speech and noticing when we’re feeling low-grade anger can help us air our frustrations and concerns by being forthright. (Note: not unkind). Conversely, tamping down on our grievances only increases their potency.
  • April 7 Moon conj Mars (11 Cap) / April 8 Moon conj Pluto (21 Cap), square Uranus (27 Aries) / April 10 Sun squ Pluto (21 Aries/Cap) – Between April 1st and April 10th, the Sun finds itself sandwiched in between two tough planets (in this case, squaring Mars/Saturn and then Pluto). On April 7th and 8th, the Moon also is besieged: literally sandwiched between Mars/Saturn and then Pluto. People will be a little more volatile, more emotional, and more easily provoked, especially regarding issues of power. Watch that you aren’t running roughshod over others. If you are, expect people to push back. If you’re more retiring, you may find that you must stand your ground least you be pushed around. If you’re in an active dispute, let these days blow past, if possible. Another thing to keep in mind: power is transpersonal, so when our aims benefit others — when we use our power to advocate for more than just our own interests — we benefit. If we manipulate or strong-arm others, blowback and opposition will follow. Declare yourself a drama-free zone.
  • April 15 Merc stations direct (5 Aries), New moon Aries 26 (Conj Uranus/ square Pluto, and hitting Mars earlier in the day) – What do we want to break free from? Where do we want to create a new start or new beginning? The energy here is explosive, so the task is to harness and direct it so that it’s constructive rather than just messy and upsetting or disruptive. This day triggers the Capricorn/Aries combination discussed in April’s forecast, so refer back to see which areas of your life might be triggered.
  • April 17 Moon conjoins Venus (21 Taurus), opposite Jupiter, trine Mars/Pluto – Sexy and fun! It’s a great day to schedule important events and one of one of the banner days of the month. Make the most of it!
  • April 18 Saturn stations rx (9 Cap) until Sept 6, Sun conjoins Uranus – Notice where the tension lies between the past and the future, responsibilities versus freedom, stability/continuity versus innovation/growth. What do you need to anchor, what do you need own up to, or where do you need to create new foundations so that you can be true to you? Use the next five months to reevaluate and stock-take.
  • April 19 Sun enters Taurus – Whew! Soak in a little earthy love from Taurus, after the stress and daring-do of Aries.
  • April 21 Moon opposite Mars/Pluto April 22 Pluto stations rx (21 Cap), Moon square Uranus and Sun – Power day for good or ill. For good? Look inward and use it to root up old emotional patterns. Great day for a big, messy session with your therapist or personal journal. For ill? Look outward at those around you and find them responsible for your emotions.
  • April 24 Venus enters Gemini – Venus leaves her home sign for flirty, fun Gemini.
  • April 25 Mercury square Saturn, Mars applying to Pluto (9 Aries/Cap), Moon opp Neptune (15 Virgo/Pisces)  – It’s a tetchy day. Our feels run a little deeper and messier today, our minds are judge-y, and everyone seems to be spoiling for a fight. Sometimes you need a day to binge on super-hero films and let someone else save the day.
  • April 26 Mars conj Pluto (21 Cap), Moon trine Mars/Pluto – Today put your super-hero cape on and choose something important to you to begin. Tackle something that takes ambition and fortitude. Dig deep. You know the project, the one you’ve been putting off and running from? Yeah, that one is perfect.
  • April 28 Moon in Libra square Pluto/Mars in Cap (21-22 Cap) – Watch where relationships push your buttons today. File it away for tomorrow’s full moon (for the conscious purging).
  • April 29 Scorpio Full moon (9 Scorpio), pulls in Uranus (29 Aquarius) – Scorpio full moons are always a great time to evaluate what you need to release. Let the luminosity of the moon illuminate where old emotional baggage (Scorpio) makes it tough for you to be content in the present (Taurus). What old resentments need forgiven? Where does comparison or envy poison appreciating what you do have? Release, release, release.

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