2014 July Forecast

Arabic Machine Manuscript (3306)Turn, Turn, Turn

Welcome to a month of planetary turning points. We are moving into the second half of the year and leaving all the planetary retrogrades of the first half of the year behind. Ready yourself to face your emotional stresses and internal anxieties and take control of them. The second half of the year has a very different flavor than the first half, which pressed in on us to expose any fractures in our lives. While the next six months doesn’t turn down the intensity, it does provide creative opportunities to channel that intensity and initiate change in constructive ways.

With Sun in Cancer, it’s time to get in touch with our internal needs, moods and feelings. Self-care and self-nurturing are important this month. An effective strategy is to become conscious of our feelings, not to judge them but use them as a source of information to guide us so we recognize what we need, when we need it, and when we’re simply blowing off steam. Recognize the flow of life: note the fluidity of each moment, track changes in mood and become intentional about which wave to ride and which to let pass.

The cardinal cross between Pluto and Uranus is potent this month, connecting with the Sun, then Mercury and Venus. Used consciously, this energy can help us creatively initiate change. We can uproot habits and patterns of seeing the world that inflame resentments and old wounds and destabilize our lives. At worst, we can slide into old resentments, find ourselves locked in power struggles, and overwhelmed by frustrations and stress. At best we change ourselves. Decisions to change ourselves place us in a position of power, whereas wanting others to change will always be a place of unhappiness and frustration.

July’s cardinal cross brings tensions so we won’t accept the status quo. Indeed, it’s safer to change than to stand still, especially as we head into the Cancer full moon of July 12th. Supporting and stabilizing changes we initiate is Saturn, which directs and contains the energies of the cardinal cross.

The capacity for creative growth, especially when dismantling emotional patterns and habits, is particularly potent through July 14th, when Jupiter spends its final days in the sign of Cancer. Use it to your advantage by taking a big picture view of your emotional triggers. Pay attention to your complaints, your insecurities, and where you feel unsupported: these are areas of your life where you aren’t caring for yourself or declared your happiness is outside of your control. Reclaim that power and take care of your needs.

By the end of the month Mars leaves Libra, where it has been hampered since 2013, and moves into its home sign of Scorpio, while the Sun moves into its home sign of Leo and conjoins Jupiter. We move out of the watery, internal realms of Cancer and into creative, joyous action.

Mars in Libra often feels like it has to ask permission to assert itself, not a position of comfort for the planet of action. In Scorpio it taps into its inherent passion and has the commitment and staying power to follow through. The sun in Leo wants to shine and wants others to shine, too. Its generosity, self-love, and creativity uplift all. This powerful Leo new moon on the 26th of July opens us to the creative potentials in life, inspiring us to act, and the Scorpio Mars gives us the staying power and passion to keep up on task.

If you’ve needed to take creative action to transform aspects of your life you find dissatisfying, the end of July marks a turning point. Don’t let insecurities or self-doubt hold you back. At the end of the month, move forward, believe in yourself, and take risks. Think big. It’s better to overshoot your goal than to underestimate your capabilities.

And if you’ve already made major changes to better align your life to your happiness, applaud yourself. Bask in the joy of your creative transformation. It’s hard work. A little applause is warranted.

2014 July Horoscopes

If you know your rising sign (the sign on the ascendant at the time of your birth), read that description as well as your birth sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

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Gemstones: Carnelian

After months of frustrating setbacks, slow progress or standstills, especially with others, July brings closure to some aspect of your past so that you can finally let go. Use the first half of the month to look at old patterns connected to family or personal insecurities that hold you back. Then use the creativity of late July to take a few risks, spend time with your kids (or people who bring out the kid in you!), and look for projects that spark a creative renaissance.


Gemstones: Rose Quartz

If you’ve been hampered at work or with frustrating health setbacks, expect energy to free up. You may find yourself inspired to act on behalf of others or find that others bring activity and more liveliness into your life. Use July to soften in attitudes you’ve held and adopt a more inclusive, healing framework in which to the world. A shift on this front creates new potentials and a new foundation. You may find yourself in a new home, literally or metaphorically.


Gemstones:  Jade

You may be having less fun than usual these past few months or feeling on edge as you navigated various minefields. July is a good time to review your values (including your self-value), your finances, and the resources you have at your disposal. Are there patterns of inattention you need to redress? Do it now. By month end, new ideas spark, community builds, and you find the passion and commitment to devise work and health routines that empower you.


Gemstones: Coral

Recently, you’ve felt like you’ve been scrambling to keep up with life while remaining stuck in a few primary ways. Balancing others’ needs and your own needs may have felt particularly thorny. It’s time to take stock on your self-protectiveness, insecurities, or doubts. Self-empowerment is key, so keep the focus on you and what you can (or “say” you can’t) do.  The trick is to refuse past limits. Then watch your self-worth, earning potential, and soulful nature bloom, bloom, bloom.


Gemstones: Tourmaline 

Use the first half of the month to withdraw from the world and chase away any straggling ghosts from your past. You know, the ways of you sabotage yourself, the niggling worries that preoccupy you late at night, the fears that maybe you aren’t all that. Think of it as removing the blocks to full, authentic self-expression. Then prepare for a supercharged new moon at the end of the month when you come into your irrepressible awesomeness. Seriously, it’s good to be you.


Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli

Use the first half of July to refine your vision for the future: what is it you want, where do you want to go, what’s stopping you? This stocktaking lays a foundation for new growth that will come in two year’s time. Financial frustrations lift toward month end, and your capacity to take passionate action and to express yourself and be heard flourish.  You’re also entering a year-long period of spiritual renewal, if you take the time to plant the seeds now. So, plant the seeds. Fertilize the soil and nourish your soul.


Gemstones: Topaz

The past seven months have been challenging. Frustrations, anger, and roadblocks have increased your anxiety and made day-to-day life stressful. Come the end of July, these tensions ease and life begins to move without so much effort. Tackle and complete as many projects as you can before months’ end, so you can shift into a more visionary frame of mind where hopes and dreams for the future take root. If you’ve sidelined own financial goals, you’ll be able to get them back in sight as the month closes.


Gemstones: Chrysocolla

By the end of the month, you’ll think someone hit the celestial GO button, as active Mars enters your sign and Sun and Jupiter enter your house of career. Before you start the full-tilt boogie, take the first half of the month to clean up unfinished business that could swing back around a bite you in the tush, especially concerning other people and unresolved resentments. Call on your highest nature and spiritual/philosophical values to forgive and move on. As opportunities arise starting next month you don’t want old concerns slowing your progress.


Gemstones: Chrysophase

As you head into July, tie up loose ends and bring anything that needs to come to a close: pay off your debts, material or spiritual. Your dreams for the future may have run into a few roadblocks the past six months, which is stressful for someone who likes to keep moving. You’re heading into a period in which matters of faith and spirit deepen and inform your dreams of the future. Pay attention to the messages you receive, to where life aligns to your values and where it strays. Letting go of the past allows you to step into a future you’ll only beginning to imagine.


Gemstones: Blue Lace Agate

In the past year, relationships have been the soil in which you’ve grown. Sometimes this meant pushing through resistance and other times it meant unfurling into your beauty. In career, too, your greatest challenges showed up in the form of people and personalities. Spend the first half of July reflecting on what you’ve learned about yourself in these encounters. Honestly assess where you wish to grow. This knowledge will allow you to use the new Leo moon to spur creative transformation, leaving behind the past and inspiring passionate action on your long-term dreams.


Gemstones: Kunzite

Frustrations and obstacles of the last six months have revealed your need for a more balanced life and the role your values have played in creating the imbalance. Spend the first half of July looking at the habitual behaviors that perpetuated those imbalances and how you might reset them. By month’s end, your relationships enter a period of creative renewal, optimism, and expansion. Benefit comes through others so get out into the world! What was stalled in your career also gets a kickstart. Vrooom!


Gemstones: Malachite

Over the past year you’ve become aware of ways that you’ve limited your self-expression. To heal, certain people and situations that played into that dynamic may have exited your life. Spend the early days in July addressing emotional patterns that stymy your ability to be true to yourself. This review will help you create supportive daily routines that lead to a healthier you. It will also invigorate your spiritual and philosophical values, which in turn support those new routines you’ve created and generate a lot of happy juice.


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