2012 February Forecast

It’s time to put our fingers into the wind and see what planetary weather is like for February.

We start the month with slow-moving Neptune entering Pisces on February 3rd, where it will remain until 2026. Neptune, aka Poseidon in the Greek myths, rules oceans, so I expect we’ll hear a lot about our waters  — water rights, rising sea levels, water-related natural disasters — over the next fourteen years. Given that a common epithet for Neptune was “Earth-Shaker” — a strike of his trident could create a spring as well as drown a ship — earthquakes may be on the rise as well.

Pisces, the fish, is also connected to unfathomable deeps, underscoring this watery theme. It speaks to dissolving boundaries, metaphorical or literal; an innate awareness of wholeness and interconnectedness; and compassion, in particular a desire to help those it feels are disempowered. The Spiritualist Movement began during the last pass of Neptune through Pisces in the mid-19th Century, and we should again see renewed explorations into consciousness and its boundaries, with a strong spiritual leaning, during this new transit. Other boundary-dissolving movements and revelations which appeared during Neptune’s last trek through Pisces include Darwin’s On the Origins of Species (unifying the life sciences through the theory of evolution), the suffragist and abolitionist movements (offering equality and empowerment for the oppressed), and the Communist Manifesto (announcing Marx’s dream of a classless society).

February 7th brings a full moon across the signs of Leo and Aquarius, asking us weigh our needs as an individual against those of our community to determine if we have the right balance. Is our subjective world (what makes me happy, where do I find my joy) aligned with our objective world (what is equitable, where do I contribute)?  Have you become such a good citizen that you’ve stifled the creative, playful child in you, or have you been so immersed in what you want that you’ve neglected the world around you? Use the illumination of the full moon to reveal disparities between your desires and your obligations.

The full moon falls directly between the planets of Venus and Pluto, in a powerful midpoint configuration, demanding we pay attention to our relationships this month, including those to money and values. Fixed and rigid positions are set for reevaluation. If we haven’t been managing these areas of our life well, the following week may shake things up so that we see any discontinuities clearly.

The theme of the full moon continues the next day, February 8th, when Saturn stations in Libra and Venus moves into Aries.  Saturn, planetary statesman of tradition and duty, desires responsibility and integrity, and Libra seeks fairness, especially in one-on-one relationships. As Saturn turns retrograde – seeming to stop and turn direction in the sky – he asks that we slow down, take stock, and restructure our relationships to bring them into balance.

Conversely, Venus, goddess of love and pleasure, moving into self-reliant, independent Aries on the same day, speaks to honoring ourselves. Between February 8th and February 15th Venus makes tense aspects with Uranus (February 10th) and Pluto (February 15th).  If handled skillfully, we are presented an opportunity to unfetter ourselves from false burdens. However, acting impulsively or without integrity may lead to sudden upsets or power struggles, financial setbacks, even a damaged a relationship. Remember to proceed with caution this week and to mediate your needs and those of others fairly. A childlike insistence on your own way will only backfire, but so will acquiescing solely out of a sense of obligation.

February 21st brings a new moon in expansive Pisces and a lessening of tensions. The new moon, tied closely to Neptune and Chiron this month, calls us to tap into our healing dreams and expand our possibilities. Are you at the end of the tether in some area of our life? Are you limiting yourself from going after what you want because of an old wound? This is the moon cycle for applying healing balm and also for entertaining visions of what could be.

A good place to start is to ask a few key questions:

  • If reality were limitless, where would I be, what would I be doing, and what shape would my life take?
  • Do I feel deserving of my dreams?  What healing do I need?
  • What self-imposed limits do I need to expand beyond?

Conjure the ocean of your dreams and splash in the waves. Allow yourself the luxury of being a dreamy, inspired, poetic visionary during this moon, remembering that every great triumph began as a wispy vision and someone daring to believe.

But don’t just sit there. Develop a strategy. Supportive aspects from Saturn and Jupiter this new moon provide an opportunity to start managing the process. Envision your future; then map it out so the process feels controllable. Jupiter gives us the enthusiasm and vision to see ahead, but Saturn gives us the discipline and practical know-how to make that vision a reality.

To underscore this message, this month Mars remains retrograde in Virgo, which also speaks to the need for practical action. Taking a moment to review recent steps and refine plans can help prepare for the hard work of moving forward.

One note: with Mars in stressful relationship to Mercury in Pisces at the new moon, we must eventually ensure that our ideas are realistic. Mars sharpens whatever it touches, cutting away excess, so our minds (Mercury) and others’ minds may develop a critical edge. Those plans and ideas which can’t hold water may be challenged by other people – not so you throw up your hands and walk away, but to help you refine your vision and correct potential problems.

So dream large, my friend. Put no limits on your imagination. Once you have your vision firmly in your mind’s eye—but not before—you can give it proper shape. This moon calls for both limitless imagination and the further definition of dreams.

If you know the sign rising at the time of your birth (also known as the rising sign), read that sign as well as your birth sign, otherwise read your sun sign. If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

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Aries:  Put on your party dress on and circulate through the first half of the month. There’s fun to be had and an opportunity to meet new (and old) friends, so isolating at home won’t do. Work continues to be demanding this month, but you like a challenge.  It’s all the more reason for you to go blow off some steam when the opportunity arises.  Gemstone: Yellow Jasper

Taurus:  You may find yourself out of sorts this month as Venus heads into Aries. Sticking close to the house helps, as does working through prickly feelings which may be bristling underneath the surface, especially with those near and dear. By the end of the month, seek out friends and share your heart’s desires. You’ll find a supportive audience.  Gemstone: Ocean Jasper

Gemini: The first half of the month is a good period to ask yourself whether you’re walking your talk. If your values aren’t reflected in your day-to-day environment, look for ways to bring them in. Friends can be stimulating or disruptive right now. Paying attention to which of the two categories fit – especially at midmonth –  may be revealing.  Gemstone: Sodalite

Cancer: You’ve been holding your cards close to your chest of late and – so it continues, especially during the first part of the month. Use the time through the 7th to look at your finances and fiscal plans. Work relationships may be tense the second half of the month. You’ll do well to focus on your big-picture values and what really matters, avoiding any drama.  Gemstone: Orange Calcite

Leo: The fulcrum between yours and other’s needs may be difficult to keep balanced this month, with demands from others running high. Call on your well-known generosity of spirit and vitality to pull you through. Use the latter part of the month to pull back a bit and revisit your finances.  Ensure they’ll meet your needs going forward, no matter how large you dream. Gemstone: Prehnite

Virgo: With Mars moving through your sign, you’re busier than normal and feeling the pressure. Good health routines – enough sleep, downtime, nutritious food, exercise – do much to ease any tension. Midmonth you may find yourself feeling touchy. Take a deep breath: cut wood, carry water. Feeling put upon will only increase the stress and dull your effectiveness. Gemstone: Red Jasper

Libra: With Saturn stationing in the last degree of your sign, you may feel like Sisyphus this month. You’re almost done pushing that boulder, but not quite ready to face the altered reality of finally getting it up the hill for good. Do something fun early in the month; by the second week there’s work to do. If tempers fly or people become erratic, draw upon your graciousness and tact to reel them in.  Gemstone: Selenite

Scorpio: Ideally, what you do in the world aligns with who you are at core.  This month evaluate if your current direction reflects your essential self. Reorient yourself if necessary and shore up your foundation to support your growing sense of new direction. Coworkers can be a source of frustration right now, so lean on friends to help keep perspective. Gemstone: Apophylite

Sagittarius:  Your mind tends to be overactive right now, but unless you hitch your ideas to your fundamental values and motivations you’re likely to spin in place. Better yet, quiet your mind by with the simple remedy of taking care of what’s in front of you, especially on the job. When you need sanctuary, nights at home provide respite.  Gemstone: Howlite

Capricorn: Early in the month you may want to calibrate your finances to bring them under control. Come the new moon, though, it’s time to connect with others. Circulate. You need to share your ideas and do a bit of intellectual cross-pollination. Sitting at home may make you feel stir crazy. Gemstone: Azurite

Aquarius: The ball is in your court, Aquarius, so state your position at the start of the month and let yourself be heard. Midmonth, take care that fuzzy math or inattention doesn’t turn costly. In fact, pragmatic strategies to tackle debt and unfetter yourself should pay off beautifully through June. If, after the first couple of weeks, communications begin to misfire, seek common ground. Gemstone: Blue Aventurine

Pisces:  You may find you have more influence operating behind the scenes in the first half of the month. It’s a good time to evaluative your health and work routines to ensure they genuinely support your wellbeing. Come the new moon, bring the focus to your desires for yourself and the world, and to what work needs to be done in your one-on-one relationships. Gemstone: Chalcopyrite


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