2010 November Forecast

In November, we see two planets, Venus and Neptune, changing their heavenly course.  Both planets have been retrograde, meaning from our perspective they appear to be moving backwards through the sky, but on November 7th Neptune will turn direct and Venus follows suit on November 18th.  In addition, November 8th sees Venus returning to Libra, one of her two celestial homes. 

Astrologically, Venus retrograde traditionally represents when we pull in and examine our relationships and our values.  Use the first half of the month to take stock of your closest relationships, clarify finances and values, and make any necessary adjustments. Take advantage of this period so that when Venus turns direct, you’re ready to move forward with her.

Both Venus and Neptune are tied to love. Venus is the planet of interpersonal relationships and amorous love (as well as our resources, be they material, emotional, or spiritual), while Neptune is often described as a “higher octave of Venus,” as it speaks to spiritual love and compassion for all sentient beings.  

In that vein, let’s look at gemstones which will support our capacity to be loving people, caring partners, and better human beings.  If you know your ascendant/rising sign (the sign rising in the East at the moment of birth), look to that sign.  Otherwise, use your sun sign.

Aries:  Known for your ardor, enthusiasm, and passion, you sometimes have difficulty slowing down enough to consider others’ needs, and, in your rush, you become easily frustrated. Rhodonite can help you be more patient and loving to those you encounter in your daily life.

Taurus:  Though slow to anger and even-keeled, your peace-loving nature can sometimes give way to insularity and ruts. Try carrying or wearing Angelite. It will support your natural proclivity for harmony, but also lighten you and foster a greater sense of connection and compassion for all.

Gemini:  Your native curiosity brings you into contact with many people, but you often avoid delving too deeply below the surface, preferring to connect intellectually and through shared interests than at a gut level.  Use Moonstone to gently open up your emotions and to become more aware of the emotions around you.

Cancer:  Your sensitivity and your deeply caring nature tend to make you a bit of a worrywart, and your ability to tap into the emotional weather of any room can leave you enmeshed in the daily trials and tribulations of others. Celestite can lift you out of the daily fray. Use it to restore your peace, quiet repetitive worries and open you to spirit.

Leo:  Given your warm and generous nature and natural dramatic flair, it’s easy to find yourself center stage.  The trick, then, is not to lose sight of your supportive cast. Use Amazonite to align yourself to all life and promote feelings of unity while also boosting your creative expression.

Virgo:  Extremely discriminating and dedicated, your tendency to overwork can leave your delicate system and can-do attitude in tatters.  Rather than weigh the world in the balances to find it wanting, use Chryscolla.  It will restore your peace, sooth your frazzled nerves, and restore your love and tolerance for yourself and others.

Libra: Your gracious and accommodating disposition makes you an excellent friend and good company in any social setting. Though you excel at anticipating others’ needs, you’re less adept at directly expressing your own. Try Blue Lace Agate to foster honest and heartfelt communication with others and bring your heart and mind into balance.

Scorpio:  Intense and perceptive, you approach your life as a full immersion program, experiencing nothing in half measures. When you grasp life with such passion, releasing your hold can come as a challenge.  Use Adventurine, a heart healer, to dissolve any residual negative feelings and leave you more open to others, as well as promote a sense of gratitude, empathy, and well being.

Sagittarius:  Known for your openness and devil-may-care attitude, your native optimism sometimes lands you in deeper waters than you expected, especially in relationships. Try wearing or carrying Seraphinite to see life clearly, while remaining open to the unconditional love and support which surrounds you.

Capricorn:  Often mature beyond your years, you shoulder responsibilities without complaint and impress others with your quiet authority. If you’re not careful, though, that same self-sufficiency becomes a wall that prevents others from seeing when you need support. Try Larimar to promote tranquility and to increase your ability to feel love and joy.

Aquarius:  Though friendly and egalitarian, you often spend more time in your head than you do in your body. To be more physically present to the people and world around you, try Rhodochrosite.  Your breathing, which tends to be shallow, will deepen and relax, and your capacity to give and receive love will deepen as well.

Pisces:  Your gift of perception enables you to see any situation holistically. Though invaluable while smoothing away the hard corners of difference, discernment in personal relationships can be more challenging. Sodalite clears the mind of emotional confusion so perspective can be gained, supporting clarity in heart and mind.

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