2012: The Year Ahead Forecast

2012 sweeps in on the coattails of a wild 2011. The changes we saw beginning, on a global level but also for each of us personally, continue to develop in 2012, so prepare yourselves for an enlivening, transformative year.

With so much change in the air, from upheavals in the Middle East to intimations of a revolution even in our understanding of energy and matter, we need to be gentle with ourselves and with each other. Change brings uncertainty, and uncertainty may conjure fear. When in doubt, we should always summon our better natures and the genuine panacea of generosity and humor.

And love. Let’s throw in love, the very essence of our nature once stripped of its mundane concerns and personas. When we begin sharing that essential self, which is whole and never lacking, we can become the presence of love in all we do — not just to family and friends, but to all.

Here’s my New Year’s wish for each of us in 2012: May we walk through this year recognizing the love within us, and may that love touch and heal all we meet. And may that same blessing be passed from hand to hand until all are touched.  By year end, we may realize a revolution indeed.

2012 Forecast

If you know your rising sign (the sign on the ascendant at the time of your birth), read that description as well as your birth sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

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Traditional gemstones: Red coral, Carnelian, Diamond, Bloodstone

In 2011 you began an eight-year cycle in which you will be called to become your most authentic self. Stultifying routines, drowsy habits – any debilitating pattern which shackles your freedom and interferes with your ability to be wholly yourself – will be shaken from its slumber by Uranus’ journey through your sign. The areas of your life that limit your range of motion may be unlocked by liberating jolts from the outside.

It’s not so much that you’ve been untrue to yourself but that you’re life hasn’t kept up with your need for freshness and sparks of the unexpected. If you feel trapped in the identity that you have built for yourself, the next few years will update the way you see yourself and the world sees you. Rams born in March will find 2012 particularly significant, especially during early spring.

The more open to change and the more in need of fresh air you are, the more revitalizing and exciting 2012 has the possibility of being. If you primarily define yourself by what you “do,” i.e., your career, that area is ripe for metamorphosis.  If you define yourself by the roles you play, especially if you are overly attached to a public image – mother, father, successful entrepreneur, spouse, do-gooder – be open to reinvention.

Should you find this disruptive, ask yourself if your current world order is truly an authentic expression of your whole person or whether it is simply comfortable and familiar. Any changes coming in now will help you sweep the relics of the past out the door so you ultimately feel more energized, alive, and fully present.  Think of it this way, when you jump on a roller coaster you have two choices: you can close your eyes and pray that it ends soon, or your can open your eyes, embrace the moment, and allow yourself to relish the rush of adrenaline, the fine line between excitement and fear.

You’ll do best if you relax and enjoy the ride. To enforce control or take a my-way-or-the-highway approach will just frustrate you and those around you.

2012 brings you an opportunity to broaden your values and perhaps to increase your income–that is, if you don’t outdistance your preparations, especially in the first half of the year. In the second half, you’ll be able to sell others on your ideas and have the opportunity to expand your outlook if you have carefully grounded your plans. Hard work and attention to detail in your day-to-day work environment, mapping out procedures, and initiating a new work or wellness routine can pay lasting dividends.

Choose to have an exhilarating ride. If you find yourself clinging to the past, remember that the new day is an opportunity for elation, if you are willing to take the risk.


Traditional gemstones: Diamond, White Coral, Zircon, Emerald, Amber

Opportunities abound for you this year, if you’re open to growth and willing to kick-start the action.  The first half of the year is particularly fertile ground for self-improvement programs that bring you increased self-confidence and a sense of optimism.  If you put forth the effort, goals that may have seemed difficult in the past will find purchase.

Take advantage of this window for expansion. Identify at least one thing you want to change about or do for yourself, and start on it in the early months of 2012.  Self-reassessment works magic this year. Putting into motion a plan, especially the first part of the year, has the potential to profoundly impact your life for the next twelve years.  Roll up your sleeves and do the groundwork early this year to get the momentum going.  Don’t wait.

But keep this in mind: nothing happens without your effort, and streamlined, simple plans are easier to put in place than elaborate ones.  The opportunities are there, but they can’t come into being unless you make the first move. You must be self-directed, action-oriented, and willing to push past inertia or complacency.  If you do nothing, the promise of this year comes to nothing, with the only expansion, sadly, appearing in your waistline.

Have you had a growing feeling that your current direction isn’t everything for which you hoped? Do you feel a nagging tug of dissatisfaction or an inkling that something more magical that awaits you, if you could just put your finger on it? Pay attention to your dreams. They will provide clues to your nascent self and new direction.

If you allow yourself to question your assumptions about life and how it operates, even your beliefs and moral strictures, you open up yourself to profound epiphanies; your entire world order may be turned on its head, and you may begin to see life anew.  Secrets about yourself, your past, and your limiting assumptions may reveal themselves, freeing you to reconstruct your understanding of the world. You may find your spiritual life revitalized in the process.

This questioning and re-evaluation of your beliefs and assumptions will provide the foundation for yet unformed dreams of the future, so while you push ahead to create opportunities this year, also schedule a bit of quiet time to let the slow currents building underneath the placid surface of your life gain power.


Traditional Gemstones:  Emerald, Peridot, Jade, Sapphire

Though you are always adept at tapping into the flow of ideas and information, 2102 positions you to catch a new glimpse of the future, to awaken to intimations of what is to come.

You may have been feeling a little restless the past few years, sensing the need to make a few changes. The next several years will be interesting times for you, as you turn your head away from the life you have now and shift toward a new direction. If your birthday falls in May, you will find 2012 a particularly creative year, with insights and ideas coming in fast and furious. Put them to good use.

Use the first half of the year to dig a little deeper into what it is you want, especially in terms of your career and relationships, and what might be limiting you in those arenas. If there are blocks there, the common denominator is you.  An honest assessment on how and why you might be sabotaging yourself can be extremely fruitful the first half of the year.

Are your home life and finances structured in a way that will let you take advantage of opportunities that crop up, or are you saddled with debts and obligations that could hinder your ability to seize the moment?

You have between now and mid-June to tie up loose ends and take care of details which you may have been putting off, especially concerning your home and family. Now is the time to streamline and create order.

If your life has been a bit chaotic or you’ve been less than attentive to your day-to-day routines, get yourself organized. Clean out your house and take care of your obligations so you have a firm foundation for the second half of the year. Repairing you home, supporting those who live with you, addressing family issues, and reorganizing the household all demand your attention. Get these areas in order before June, so you can propel yourself forward starting mid-summer and into 2013.

Mid-June brings opportunities to break out of your rut and make yourself heard. Sitting at home ruminating won’t do the trick: Fortune favors those who circulate, so connect with others and share your ideas.  If you’ve brought your home life into order, you’ll be better able to tap into the creative flow and win over others with your ideas. You’ll be in the position to ride the wave coming your way.

Part of bringing in the new is acknowledging what is over. As part of the general housecleaning you’ll be doing in 2012, you should be willing to release those aspects of your attitudes, habits, or circumstances – perhaps residual from childhood – that prevent you from moving forward. Late April through the third week of May could bring into focus an aspect of your life which must brought to some sort of closure. This is a threshold, not a dead end, so be willing to eliminate whatever might impede you from moving ahead.


Traditional Gemstones: Natural Pearl, Moonstone, Ruby

This year brings big changes to sensitive Cancer, if you’re willing to take some risks in your career and allow your relationships to be transformed.

In some ways the two issues are intertwined. Your caring nature makes it difficult for you to put yourself first, especially if a change will impact your loved ones, but you are being called to do just that: put yourself first, make some selfish decisions regarding what it is you want from life, even though you look crazy or reckless to others, and ask the people in your life to adjust their expectations of you.

More importantly, if you’re attached to being the nurturer and helpmate, it also requires you altering your own expectations about how you love, support, and nurture those around you, as well as how you want others to love, support, and nurture you.

Now is the time to be your own best mother, to offer vital sustenance to yourself and your dreams. Don’t wait for others to provide you with the confidence to go for what you truly want. You have the resources within you. Daily prayer or meditation can remind you just how much support surrounds you.

From now through May, restructure your home life and put your ideas for the future on paper. What changes do you need to implement at home to better support changes to your outer life?  Do you need a home office, help with the household chores, a block of quiet time?  Get those in place now.

Then create a pragmatic, step-by-step plan for what you want to happen in your career and relationships. Putting your vision on paper will build your sense of safety and confidence. The concreteness of the roadmap will keep you on path and ease your doubts and worries. If you become overwhelmed with this process, bounce your ideas off of a trusted friend.

Expect time and activity to pick up pace from May through September. If you feel you’re busy now, brace yourself because the speed will only increase.  Keep checking in: Are you still on task with your vision plan or are you allowing yourself to be distracted from your own work by others’ needs and demands?  The better you set boundaries – within yourself and with others – the more successful you’ll be at managing the changes which will appear.

Change is definitely coming, so set your intentions, and position yourself for the future. This year has the potential to be a watershed for you, moving you into unchartered territory and allowing you more freedom than you’ve ever had, but only if you embrace the metamorphoses approaching rather than clinging to the past.

Whether through wholesale reinvention and rebirth…or change within the modest parameters of an already familiar backyard, the universe is handing you an awesome responsibility, one for which you are prepared and for which you have been waiting. You are ready. Dare to dream large, my friend.


Traditional Gemstones: Ruby, Red Spinel, Rhodolite, Peridot, Golden Topaz

Over the past few years, your work and daily routines have been changing. Old routines have fallen away and new ones have taken their place. What was once unquestioned may have been undermined or upended so it holds a less important place in your life. In short, what has power in your daily life is shifting, allowing for greater creativity but perhaps also bringing some turbulence as you reevaluate and transform your day-to-day world.

This process continues and strengthens in 2012. Formerly stable beliefs may receive shocks which force you to break from past traditions. New ideas and people may arrive, revolutionizing your way of seeing the world and awakening you to yet unconsidered possibilities. Whether you find this exciting or shocking depends on how attached you are to your current situation and how primed you are for revitalizing the organizing truths of your life.

If you remain open to possibility, you may discover this year to be one of adventure, unexpected travels, and electrifying new ideas that reignite your passion and clarify your worldview. Trusting your enthusiasm and your inspirations will land you in the right places.

Resist impulse purchases through the first half of the year, as what you see might not be what you get. Through June, in fact, economic gains tend to come through sheer hard work and personal effort. If you haven’t been paying attention to the financial details of your life, the first half of the year is a good time to straighten out your finances and create a budget.

Throughout the year you have a knack of being in the right place at the right time to make important contacts with people who can further your goals. Your ability to communicate your creative vision inspires others and catalyzes their support.

With your ability to generate energy and excitement running high, you may want to be strategic with your focus and put the spotlight on only those projects for which you wish to build support, lest you spread yourself too thin.  Do you want recognition for your work? Get out there and let yourself be seen.

When fall arrives, however, it’s time to bring your attention to home and family. You may want to restructure a home office or rebalance your work/home schedule to better meet the obligations of family. Take stock. Is your home your private sanctuary, providing you the stability you need to soar in the world? If not, how might you restructure it to strengthen your foundation?


Traditional Gemstones: Emerald, Peridot, Jade, Sapphire

Think of 2012 as your DIY year. If you want to make something happen, the surest bet is to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. This is especially true through the first half of the year. As you’re no stranger to hard work, you might as well jump in and get the party started.

You can make enormous gains in any self-improvement plan you initiate, and if you are willing to do a bit of self-promotion, you have the capacity to push forward some personal project dear to your heart or position yourself for a job you want. But this means hustling and nonstop activity for the first half of the year.

Consider: do you want forward someone else’s agenda or your own? This year asks you put yourself and your interests first. Be willing to stand up and take credit for your work, to communicate and network with others about your ideas, above all to keep moving forward. You are enormously creative this year, and primed for a breakthrough if you keep the focus on your creative output and what you want to bring into the world.

If you keep grounded in your true aspirations – big picture, long term – and avoid getting caught up in petty, short-term frustrations or obsessing about what’s broken, you can take a giant step toward your ultimate goal.

In short, it will be your passion, competency, and excitement that wins over others and it will be your impatience, resentment and/or anger that will turn them away. 2012 is a high-energy, high-demand year. You can push you through to a new level or you can let the cumulative pressures of stress and your own high standards undo you.

You can an enormously productive this year, particularly when allowed to work independently. If your work requires you to work collaboratively, find time to decompress. Use physical activity to deal with stress, and work in appointments for self-care, such as massage or walks in nature.

Finances have been tight for the past few years, and you will need to continue to budget through fall of 2012, but with hard work this year, the tide will begin to turn. In short, don’t stop now. With continued effort on your end, the latter half of the year will bring a lighter load and you’ll begin seeing the fruits of your labor.

Relationships can at times feel a bit murky and may be colored more by wishful thinking and fantasy than informed by facts. To avoid mistaken assumptions about another’s motivations or suffering unnecessary ambiguity, make time for in-depth conversation. You can’t err by asking for clarity. Upfront dialogue will help disperse the distorting clouds.


Traditional Gemstones: Diamond, White Coral, Zircon, Opal, Peridot

For the past several years, you’ve been stepping up your game and redefining who you are and how you respond to the world around. You’re finding new ways to put limits on yourself, and you’re less willing to give up what is important to you for the sake of keeping peace with others.

Your ability to set boundaries and define what you want will continue to be an important theme through 2012. This maturation process – a maturation of your very identity – is in its final stages. Through fall of 2012, your work is to continue to redefine your responses to the people in your life, to your family, and to yourself.

Your ability to define your expectations, needs, and limits and to state them clearly and directly will be critical for laying the foundation for the next seven years. Holding others accountable when they do not respect your expectations – rather than discounting your needs or rationalizing their behavior – will also be critical for the continued development of your new authority.

This new maturity in your relationships will steer you well through years when many around you may seem to be falling apart or acting erratically. Calling on your inner authority to guide you in such turbulent situations will anchor you in right action and will in turn help anchor others.

In some ways, you may feel like you’ve been completely reconstituted, right down to the cellular level, over the past few years. If you want to make the most of these transformational times, be willing to dig deep into your past and question everything on which you have built your foundation, including youthful expectations about home, family, and tradition.  Take ownership of where things stand now.

Root out anything that undermines your ability to be effective and responsible in your current life. Let go of anything that limits your confidence or negates your personal power.  Be uncompromisingly true to yourself and release any limiting assumptions that take away your power. You are your own power source.

This period is one of the most profound of your life. Can you control everything? No, but whether this period is fruitful or barren depends wholly on how you choose to define your experience and respond to your life as it is now.  See it as a deep-sea adventure. Time is your ship, and you are the well-qualified captain, at the helm and ready to steer.


Traditional Gemstones: Red Coral, Carnelian, Citrine, Obsidian

Always perceptive, with a knack of looking through the surface into the underbelly of the conversation, you have always understood that words have power, as do secrets.  In the past few years you have been gaining greater understanding of just how deep that truism runs.

You are at the precipice of a new cycle, which begins in fall.  Until that time, you are behind the scenes, preparing for the change.  You’re feeling a bit restless, ready to act on your ideas, and becoming more bored with the status quo.  This is natural.  However, a few key decisions must be made before moving into the next phase; you must spend the first six months of the year mapping out the details of your plan and rooting out any potential problems with its execution.

In short, you have the seed within you, but if you want your vision to grow strong, you must first fertilize the soil. Otherwise, it may never take root.

In the first half of the year, other people may bring talents and skills to the table that you lack. Trust their insights and their ability to ground your vision in practical steps. If you do not have the expertise you need, be humble, reach out. Consult with those who have the necessary resources. And keep an open mind. Your thinking is profound right now, but sometimes inflexible. Your vision may need to change to accommodate a real world setting.

Relax and let go. The more you try to control, limit, or hide your thinking, the less opportunity others have to facilitate and speed up this ongoing process. Their ideas bring opportunities and plain good luck to your table. If you’re not yet certain of particular people in your circle, revelations around late May will help you clarify any remaining questions.

The second half of the year, pay attention to how and where your money is being spent. Keep your debt under control.

By the end of the year, October through December, serious decisions will have to be made that impact the next twenty-eight years.  Choose well, choose carefully, choose based on well-researched facts and materials.  Take all the advice and information you’ve gathered, and take your first tentative steps into the future.

It may feel chaotic and like time is speeding up, especially come late fall, but this is what you have been preparing for all year.


Traditional Gemstones: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby

Broadminded and tolerant, you typically make yourself at home wherever your travels land you, Sagittarius. Lately, though, a sense of belonging – a deep rootedness – has eluded you.

You may be struggling with questions of where to live, or your home situation may be uncertain or unmoored. Creating a sense of stability may prove elusive at this moment, blocked by a deep-seated longing for something you can’t quite describe.

Even with a stable home and family, there may be an underlying dissatisfaction, a lack of charm or delight you may wish to remedy.  In the next eight years, you are on a quest to make home and family a place of sanctuary, to spiritualize your life at its most fundamental level.

You may need to set up an altar space or plant a garden. It may mean creating a little sacred time each day at home, one that your family honors, a quiet period each morning in which you drift, dream, praise, and connect with something larger than yourself. The struggle is to make the ordinary extraordinary: how can you make your most familiar surroundings reflect a little of the universe’s magic?

2011 was an amazingly creative year for you, and 2012 is lining up to be equally prolific. You generate original ideas effortlessly and with a childlike enthusiasm that others find appealing. That said, this isn’t a period for unmitigated risk-taking and wild, faith-based gambles.  Rely on good financial planning with the help of someone qualified to check that you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s. Simple budgets that help you maintain financial discipline can prevent you from careening off course.

As carefree and optimistic as you naturally are, a healthy dose of caution will help. Try not to take on more than you can easily manage, as you can easily overextend yourself this year, especially during the first six months when your day-to-day schedule and workload are prone to explode in scale.

The second half of the year brings opportunity in the guise of others, but also can also bring confusion to the table. You may meet the right people with all the right information, but they might not be able to deliver as promised, especially in the period between mid-June and mid-July. Avoiding serious contractual obligations during this time – especially pertaining to home, property, and family – might save you a few headaches.  If you do go forward, make sure both parties’ expectations are spelled out clearly and in detail. Then keep the lines of communication open. Unspoken assumptions can create unwonted chaos and misunderstandings.

Finish off the year by pulling in and taking stock.  Starting in fall and over the next two and a half years, you are preparing for a new cycle. Part of this preparation entails a bit of restlessness and figuring out what really matters to you. You can’t start pruning the unnecessary until you become wholly clear on what is essential.


Traditional Gemstones: Blue sapphire, Amethyst, Tanzanite, Garnet, Black Onyx

Home and family continue to be rocky and unpredictable, Capricorn. And though it may feel disruptive, trust that a breath of new life will free up additional energy for the profound changes you are experiencing.

Moving or a change of scenery is a possibility, especially if your birthday falls in December.  Even if you can’t move, find ways to bring your home into line with your evolving self. Clear out closets, redecorate, shake things up a bit. Still have the old lamp bequeathed by your Aunt Mary that you’ve never liked? Now is the time to give it to someone who appreciates it (if you can find one) or simply let it go. Traditions are being overturned. So be it.

Sometimes our attachment to the past keeps us frozen in time. Let go. You are being called to transform who you are and your path through the world.  This year you have the energy to accelerate this process tremendously, and this is especially true if you were born between December 28th and January 2nd.  It may be a tumultuous time, but it will be one of the most memorable and fruitful of your life.

You need to spend some time alone. With so much inner tumult, you can feel moody at times, and solitude will provide you the space you need to gestate the deep changes going on within you. Look around you. Are the people, places, and objects of your life the right ones? Does its music provide the proper cadence?

If not, be ruthlessly honest and true to yourself. Release and relinquish. Make room for the unknowable, and surround yourself with the people and circumstances that represent who you wish to be. Standing still can only create unnecessary pain.

As pressure builds and wanes through the year, find time for physical activity. It will relieve your stress, move physical energy, and aid in the whole-life detoxification you are immersed in.  As you slough off old aspects of your personality and identity, you may want to support that process with a gentle cleansing routine or breath work to release old emotions.  You may find yourself embracing a new health regime, one that strengthens your body and your emerging new life.

The first half of the year brings opportunity for love and a growing self-expressiveness. Foster it. Though you need solitude, you also need friends and fun.  Blow some fresh air to your hermitage. Grounding yourself in life’s pleasures is a healthy antidote to the brooding and shedding that’s also a necessary feature of the year. Just make sure that your fun aligns with your values and supports the person you are becoming.

By fall, Saturn leaves your house of career and Jupiter sits in your house of work, bringing with it opportunities and more joy in day-to-day routines. You may find your load a bit lighter and sense a hint of renewal in the crisp fall air.


Traditional Gemstones: Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Tanzanite, Moss Agate

2012 presents you with a chance to break free of limiting mental constructs and work with innovative people and technologies. If you aren’t talking, sharing ideas, and connecting with your community – be it through a blog or over a cup of coffee – you miss a point of entry to change and revitalization. The more you network and connect with like-minded others, the more the chains and limitations of your life slip free.

You’ve always been an inventive thinker, but this year your ideas can potentially overturn the status quo, opening you – and others around you – to a new way of seeing and approaching your day-to-day environment. With your sharp eye, you can spot ways to revitalize processes and jump-start stalled relationships. By doing so, you benefit us all.

Endings this year may be as important beginnings. The first half of the year, put your energy into tying down whatever is dangling in your life. You may need to take care of old debts, be they financial or personal, to clear the way for an emerging you.  Pay off old loans, work with your partner on your joint finances to bring them into alignment. Doing so may breathe new life into your home life.

Do you need to acknowledge someone who has been important to you?  Do you need to let go of old resentments that now only tether you to your youth? Look into the shadowy recesses of your psyche to find the cobwebbed relics that must be pulled out, dusted off, and pushed to the curb.

Be ready to acknowledge the ways you hold yourself back, perhaps through inflexible stands around your values, which, in truth, stem from early pain or situations in which you weren’t valued for your intrinsic self. Consciously choosing to apply healing compassion to those wounds will release the ties that bind you to ancient suffering.

A thoughtful housekeeping can free up enormous amounts of energy. If, in the first six months of the year, you finish up projects you’ve left incomplete, you’ll find your physical energy increasing in the process.

Late fall, as Saturn enters your house of career and public standing, you enter a two- and a-half year period in which duties and responsibility build. If you are on track, expect more authority and autonomy – and hard-won recognition.  If you find your professional life unsatisfying or your ability to meet your responsibilities wobbly, reality checks may arise to help you clarify and restructure your role.

Right now your ideas are innovative, original and highly creative. Remember to apply them to your own life, not just your community. Set aside time, both for yourself and with loved ones, to recharge your batteries and loosen ancient tangles. With this downtime, you home life will improve in the first half of the year, allowing for a creative burst of energy in the latter half.


Traditional Gemstones: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Aquamarine, Rock Crystal

You’ve always been comfortable losing yourself in the ocean of life. Your fluidity allows you to see everything around you as interconnected and enables you to tap into an oceanic oneness with the world, from which your enormous capacity for compassion springs.

With the planet Neptune entering your sign, your tendency to diffuse your own boundaries and merge with others and the world will increase. As your sense of separation from others begins to further dissolve, you are presented with an opportunity to deepen your innate mystical gifts and connection to the divine. Those of you born between February 20th and February 24th will feel this influence particularly strongly this year. Vision quests and spiritual retreats will renew you this year and support the new direction you sense growing within you.

Taken too far, however, this dissolution may make it difficult for you to tap into what you want, enough that you risk losing yourself in an idealistic – but unrealistic – fog.  Lean on friends with practical know-how and solid common sense as sounding boards for your ideas.

Actively working and doing tasks tied to others – building your relationships, repairing what is broken, advocating in practical ways for others – help ground you, especially during the first half of the year. Taking care of the ones you love, in practical and visible ways, during the first half of the year will help renew home and family in the second half.

Your finances may continue to be a bit erratic this year, so avoid unnecessary gambles.  You have an opportunity to revitalize and renew your values over the next eight years. Part of this shift is a growing appreciation that you are thirsty for enlivening experience, not stuff that bogs you down. Recalibrate your life to reflect that awareness.

On a grander scale, your hopes and dreams are being utterly transformed. What held your interest before no longer retains its shine. People important to you in the past may feel corrupt or flawed, and new friends and people keep arriving, which is a good thing, given your longing for a soul tribe.

You have begun to overthrow the old world order of your dreams, and your trajectory now points in a different direction. This direction may not seem clear yet, but only because your compass no longer points to the same North.

In some ways, 2012 is a year in which you operate on a hope and a prayer.  You sense your old dreams are dying and that you need to attend to the details of this passage by tying up loose ends and dealing with the contingencies that arise, but you don’t have a clear sense of direction yet – only the knowledge that something is coming.

Get your house in order and nurture your spirit.  Call on your most powerful ally: faith.




You’ll need the following information: date of birth, place of birth, and, most importantly, time of birth.  Go to the following webpage and select “Extended Chart Selection” at the bottom right section of the page.

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